Mixing River Tales

After some months of editing and doing some additional recordings, my 2nd solo album will be released this year! Engineer Christian Clementa did a great job, the exact release date will be anounced soon. You can listen to a teaser here or watch the video of the concert here.

Festival Imago Dei

On March 29th 2018 I will be part of an interdisciplinary project by Renald Deppe at the festival Imago Dei. As a quintet we accompany a live painting of Shaahin Norouzi. Get infos and tickets here.

Strottern & Velvet Elevator Konzerthaus

On May 9th 2018 our retro film orchestra Velvet Elevator will perform together with "Die Strottern" at the Konzerthaus Wien. We will play new arrangements of Strottern originals as well as music from Austrian film composers who emigrated to the U.S. in the last century. I´m looking forward to this very special evening...

ganymed nature

Between March and June 2018 I will be part of the production "ganymed nature" at the art history museum in Vienna (Kunsthistorisches Museum).  Besides other musicians and actors I will perform on piano together with Martin Eberle on trumpet and harmonium. 

Recording the 2nd album with Elektro Guzzi

Together with the acoustic techno band Elektro Guzzi we recorded a 2nd album in January 2018 with the extended line up:
Elektro Guzzi featuring Hilary Jeffery, Daniel Riegler and me on trombones. The album will be released in November 2018 and will be followed by a tour. 

Strottern Konzerthaus

On Dec. 20th 2017 our quartet "Die Strottern & Blech" will perform at the Konzerthaus Wien. The concert is part of a "Strottern"-portrait. Another show will follow on May 9th 2018 with our retro film orchestra "Velvet Elevator".

Premiere of

During the last months I wrote the music for Christoph Bochdansky´s figure theatre piece "Ich freue mich". Finally the premiere will be on  May 25th in Leipzig! There are 3 more shows in Leipzig on the 26,27 & 28th of May 2017. Between October 17-21 there will be performances of the piece in Vienna too. Get Infos and tickets for Leipzig here.

Elektro Guzzi Album Release

On May 29th 2017 I´ll play with the band Elektro Guzzi at their album release concert at Porgy & Bess, Vienna. The album "Parade" has been released on Denovali Records. The music is an amazing mixture of Acoustic Techno combined with the sound of 3 trombones. Infos & tickets for the concert here.

Konzert Neuschnee

On June 2nd 2017 I will play a concert with the band Neuschnee at the Konzerthaus in Vienna. Together with Martin Eberle (trp) I  join the 6 piece band playing trombone and synthesizers. Infos and tickets here.

Konzert Velvet Elevator

On the June 3rd 2017 our Retro Filmmusic Orchestra Velvet Elevator will perform at the "Theater am Spittelberg" in Vienna. This time we will feature 3 amazing guest vocalists: Caroline de Rooij, Tini Kainrath and Sumitra. Playing a Concert with Velvet Elevator is always like getting on a time machine and travelling back in time to the charming era of the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies. Get Infos here...(pay as you wish!)

Velvet Elevator feat. die Choryphäen

A special concert will take place on the 20th of June 2017 at the Donau-University in Krems. It´s the first collaboration of the Velvet Elevator Orchestra and the choire of the Donau-University Krems. Together we will perform new arrangements of legendary film and TV-themes. Looking forward to this special evening... Get infos here.

Darkstone Brass @ Glatt und Verkehrt

On the 1st and the 28th of July 2017 our newly founded brass 6tet "Darkstone Brass" will perform at the festival "Glatt und Verkehrt" in Krems. The first concert will be on the old riverboat "MS Schönbrunn", the second gig will be at the Sandgrube Krems. Get infos and tickets for July 1st here and for July 28th here.

Christmas CD - Reprint

Since there are a few copies left I did a reprint of my Christmas CD ("Martin Ptak - Christmas") which is available as digital download or CD. I recorded it last year on an old swedish pianino, a fender rhodes and a harmonium.
Thanks to Cornelia Pesendorfer (she played the recorder on one track), David Mueller (mastering) and Sigrid Pohl (artwork). You can order it here.

Die Strottern & Jazzwerkstatt Wien

On 22nd of October and 4th of November 2016 I will play two concerts with the 9 piece band "Die Strottern & Jazzwerkstatt Wien" at the Poelz Halle in Amstetten and at the Tischlerei Melk. Get infos and tickets for the 22nd here and for the 4th here.

wenn es soweit ist

On Ocober 26th and 27th 2016 I will be part of the production "Im Herzen der Demokratie" hosted by the artists of "wenn es soweit ist". Together with other musicians and actors our quartet "Die Strottern & Blech" will perform at the Austrian parliament. I´m looking forward to this mission...

Velvet Elevator feat. Die Strottern

On October 15th and 16th our retro-filmmusic orchestra VELVET ELEVATOR will perform at the Spittelbergtheater in Vienna. Since last years´collaboration with the Viennese duo "Die Strottern" was a big success we will play 2 concerts together. Get infos and tickets here

Die Blumengeschichte

Together with "Die Strottern" I will accompany Christoph Bochdansky´s figure theater "Die Blumengeschichte" on Oct. 13th at the Brucknerhaus in Linz. Highly recommended for children between 5 and 100+. Get Infos and tickets here

Die Strottern & Blech

On 21st of August our quartet "Die Strottern & Blech" will perform at the Kultursommer Semmering. Infos and tickets here.

Die Strottern & Jazzwerkstatt Wien

In July I will play 2 concerts with "Die Strottern & Jazzwerkstatt Wien". We are performing at the Wellenklänge Festival on 29th and will play the opening concert at the Jazzakademie Zeillern on 31st.


On 2nd and 3rd of July I will play with Steven Bernstein´s Universal Melody Brass Band at the Festival Glatt & Verkehrt. The ensemble features musicicans from the USA, Netherlands, Italy and Austria. Get infos for July 2nd here and July 3rd here.

Elektro Guzzi & Trombones

In March we recorded some tracks for a new album of the acoustic techno trio ELEKTRO GUZZI. The project is called Elektro Guzzi & Trombones and features the trombone players Hillary Jeffery, Daniel Riegler and myself. The album is likely to be released in autumn 2016. We played a concert at the Artacts Festival, some impressions can be found here.

Christmas CD

It´s done... my Christmas CD ("Martin Ptak - Christmas") is out now. I recorded it on my old swedish pianino, a fender rhodes and a harmonium.
Thanks to Cornelia Pesendorfer (she played the recorder on one track), David Mueller (mastering) and Sigrid Pohl (artwork). You can order a copy or download the music hereSeasons greetings!

concert at Arkadensaal Langenlois

On Nov. 13th I will perform in my new hometown Langenlois. You can hear music from my latest projects in an intimate setting featuring Martin Eberle on trumpet and flugelhorn. 
For infos and tickets click here.

Die Strottern & Blech

On Oct 30th 2015 our quartet Die Strottern & Blech will perform at the Spittelbergtheater Wien.
Get infos and tickets here.

Velvet Elevator feat. Die Strottern

On October 23rd 2015 our filmmusic orchestra "Velvet Elevator" will perform at the Spittelbergtheater in Vienna. 
This time we are pleased to collaborate with the Viennese duo "Die Strottern" 
Get tickets and more infos here.

Puppet Theater

On October 8th and 9th 2015 I will accompany puppet player Christoph Bochdansky with my Roland Juno synthesizer at the Theatre in Halle an der Saale (D).
Tickets and infos here.

River Tales

A short montage of the 80 min. piece "River Tales" written for the festival "Glatt und Verkehrt" in July 2013. (sponsored by Radio Ö1 and the Dept. of Culture of Lower Austria).

Poetry & Music

On November 30th 2014 I will perform at the festival "Wachau in Echtzeit". I accompany the actor Udo Samel, known for his role as Franz Schubert in the movie "Mit meinen heissen Traenen". 

Infos and tickets are available here: 

Recording the new album

We just started recording my new album which will be released later this year.
Thanks to the crew at the wonderful analogue studio Baumgarten. 

New sounds on soundcloud

I just finished a footage of the "River Tales" live recording which was done by the ORF in July at the Gothic church "Minoritenkirche" in Krems.

You can choose between a short and a longer version. Listen to it directly on my site (scroll down...) or here: https://soundcloud.com/martin-ptak

Radio Broadcast #2

On the 4th of November 2014 you can tune in to a radio broadcast on radio Oe1.The program "Spielräume" with music of Nils Frahm, Nils Okland and myself.The program can also be streamed for 7 days here: (starting on the 4th)


Concert at Stift Melk

On the 24th of August 2013 I will play a duo concert with the trombonist Alois Eberl at Stift Melk (Gartenpavillon)
We´ll play both music from "Twilight Street" and "River Tales" in duo versions.
The concert starts at 7pm.

Get tickets and infos here: http://www.stiftmelk.at/Pages_melk/veranstaltungen/2011/veranst.html

Radio Broadcast

On the 22th of August 2013 there will be a radio broadcast  of the "River Tales" premiere on
"Zeitton" (Radio Ö1) between 11 and 12pm. 
The program can also be streamed for 7 days starting on the 22th.

Go to http://oe1.orf.at/programm/346731

River Tales

I am happy to announce the premiere of my new program "River Tales" which will be on the 13th of July at the festival "Glatt und Verkehrt" in Krems.The composition for 9 musicians was comissioned by the broadcast station Ö1 and the festival and will be premiered at the Minoritenkirche.

Get more infos and tickets on www.glattundverkehrt.at

Twilight Street

My new album "Twilight Street" is out now and can be purchased at your local dealer and from the following sites: www.hoanzl.at and of course from itunes, amazon etc...

CD release concert

Here is a video of the CD release concert at Porgy & Bess Music Club (Vienna).

Many thanks to Albin Janoska (sampling), Alois Eberl, Mark Gaal, Phil Yaeger and Gerald Pöttinger (trombones) for a great performance.

Wia Tanzn is

The new album of the Viennese duo "Die Strottern" featuring Martin Eberle on trumpet and me on trombone and harmonium. The CD recieved the "German World Music Prize 2012"

Velvet Elevator

Velvet Elevator "At the movies".  The 17piece Viennese film music orchestra plays famous film themes from the 50's, 60's and 70's in lovely arrangements.